Pet Releaf Canna Care Topical

Canna Care:

Canna Care is a CBD-infused topical product, lovingly created by Pet Releaf’s experts specifically for your animal companions. While our CBD hemp oils, capsules, and Edibites focus on helping your dogs from the inside, Canna Care was developed to take care of them from the outside.

Canna Care is composed of 100% plant-based ingredients.   

About Our Certified USDA Organic CBD Hemp Oil:

Canna Care is infused with our full spectrum certified USDA organic CBD hemp oil which is extracted from our proprietary strain of hemp, PR-33. PR-33 is grown at our joint-venture certified USDA organic hemp farm in eastern Colorado and was selected because it’s cannabinoid profile was the most optimal for pets.

In order for CBD products to be as beneficial as possible, every cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant must be present, THC included. This is because all of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant work together in what is called the “entourage effect”.

This is why Pet Releaf never uses CBD isolate! CBD on its own, loses the majority if it’s medicinal benefits. The PR-33 strain is extremely high in the beneficial cannabinoid CBD and extremely low in THC to an almost undetectable level of 0.1%.

PR-33 is a proprietary strain and will only ever be found in Pet Releaf products. We extract our CBD hemp oil using a super critical CO2 method, meaning we only use pressurized air to remove the CBD from the plant and never any toxic solvents or chemicals. Our CBD hemp oil uses the flowers, leaves, and some seeds so that our products contain the full spectrum CBD that is extracted from the plant, as well as the protein benefits of the seeds.

Other Ingredients found in Pet Releaf Canna Care:

As with all Pet Releaf products, every ingredient has been carefully selected to amplify the health benefits of CBD. Just a couple of the incredibly valuable ingredients found in Canna Care are Andiroba Oil, which promotes skin healing and is an incredible anti-inflammatory and Ucuuba Butter, which has high amounts of important fatty acids, making it exceptional at healing a variety of dog skin conditions. We’ve also included a very low concentrated Eucalyptus Oil and Wintergreen Oil. These work with a natural terpene found in cannabis called Nerolidol to penetrate the CBD hemp oil past the protective layers of skin.

Pet Releaf Canna Care is the best CBD hemp oil topical on the market for pets or humans.

Our 4oz Canna Care contains 125mg of Active CBD and our 1oz contains 31mg of Active CBD.   
1oz - Topical Cream
1oz - Topical Cream
CA$ 49.00
4oz - Topical Cream
4oz - Topical Cream
CA$ 119.00